Drawing Challenge


A doodle of a butterfly. Colored pencil and marker. By Marjorie Henderson.

My first class of the quarter was today-Survey of the Fashion Industry. First of all, I LOVE school. And all of the fun supplies I get to purchase. The class was great, upbeat and full of interesting information, including some information on the process of producing a product or product line from concept to consumer. It was inspiring, and it made me want to start drawing complicated designs and paint patterns for textiles. While going over the syllabus, I noted that there is an extra credit opportunity. We are allowed to create a project with pretty open guidelines, as long as it pertains to the fashion industry, and possibly link up with our specific degree program. My program is Fashion Marketing, but I want to focus in textiles and textiles design. I want to challenge myself while I am not taking anything this quarter that pertains to that area, so I’m going to create a sketchbook. I am challenging myself to draw/doodle/sketch at least 5 times each week, for 10 weeks. That’s at least 5o creations if I do the minimum I’ve set for myself. One week I might to complicated geometrics, the next I might focus on edgy florals. We shall see what I can come up with! Maybe some of them will translate to fabric designs in the future. This calls for a new sketchbook! And maybe some new colorful pens…

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