I’ve been stuck in a creative rut. I haven’t felt like drawing, painting, making jewelry, nothing. So what do I do? I wander around Joann Fabrics and Crafts to get visually stimulated. I spent quite a bit of time in the fabric section, seeing as how I need to learn more about textiles. Of course I found some fabric bundles that I loved. I love the color families represented and I love the variety of prints. I think I’ll dress up some of my jars that have utensils in them on my desk with them using safety pins. I’ll share a pic later with the results! This has gotten me into the drawing mood to create more patterns for my fashion industry class.

On another note stemming from school, I’ve picked my topic for a research paper for another class. I’ve always wondered about how the textile industry and sustainability coincide, if it does at all. What are the steps being taken by textile manufacturers to reduce waste? For that matter, what do crafters and designers do with their leftover fabric? Do they make scrap quilts? Do they create matching accessories? Or is their some sort of recycling that happens? Once I started thinking about this, questions started to flow. I had to leave Joann’s so I could start my research. I have a pile of library books that have been untouched until today about the history of textiles. Hopefully this will inspire me even more and get me out of my creative funk. Obviously I’m pretty green in my knowledge of textiles, so maybe I’ll be surprised as well!

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