Oh Life…

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve contributed! Shortly after completing the challenge I gave myself to draw in my sketchbook (or any paper surface) designs and doodles to later digitize and turn into patterns, my laptop decided to crap out on me. The hinge on the monitor my beautiful MacBook Air decided to start cracking and dislodging itself from the keyboard, and soon I was looking at everything in a lovely shade of blue. It was time, after several good years, to graduate to an actual, brand new out-of-the box laptop, something I have never had. I am now the proud owner of a sleek MacBook Pro and I’m in love! Everything is so nice and fast and shiny, I feel like my productivity has gone up!

In the midst of transferring all of my files over, I rediscovered some of my art and wondered what in the world was going through my imagination at the time. Has anyone else noticed this? I guess this could apply to many things in the past, past relationships or past wardrobe choices (really, really bad wardrobe choices) but in my art and even photography, I am reminded of that time in my life. Maybe that’s why we as artists hold on to drawings or paintings or photographs tighter than other material things, not only because we created them but because they represent a snapshot in our life, like a piece of our own puzzle. It’s from this that we can see how we have grown and changed, much like that old saying that hindsight is 20/20. I’ve definitely grown in my color choices, I’ve learned how to blend colors and shade like a pro (when I want to anyways) and I’ve expanded my subject matter, mostly due to the fact that I’ve opened up my mind to accept that my art may not be just on canvas or paper, it may end up on the next “it” dress as a pattern or on a softer than soft scarf wrapped around someone’s curly head of hair on a glorious fall day. I love digging into the past. I hope it serves as an inspiration for future pieces.


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marjorie blume

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