Expanding Horizons!

So I have some great news-I was accepted to sell my wares on Amazon Handmade! This is pretty exciting, just being affiliated with Amazon.com is awesome, and having access to a larger customer base is so amazing! I’m really, really stoked to share this with everyone and to spread bright art around the world.

Check it out here-Amazon Handmade-Marjorie Henderson.

I’ve started out with my fine art prints of my acrylic paintings, hopefully before the season is over I’ll be able to include more paintings, drawings, and posters of my work. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement, and for sharing art!


P.S. Look below!

Marjorie Henderson Art & Designs

Painter and Designer of Much in Oregon

I grew up in Alaska so I am always inspired by the bold colors of the landscape and the grandeur of of the wildlife and mountains. I’m a kid at heart and am inspired by illustrated children’s books!
– Marjorie


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marjorie blume

Artist, designer, all around creative

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