Ideas and Education

My work schedule at my day job has been a little off, and it’s been affecting my art. I have fleeting moments of inspiration that seem to be gone as fast as they come to me. I’ve been using my drawing app and note taking app more than ever to help me remember these ideas, but now I just need to carve out time to sketch while the ideas are fresh!

Another thing that keeps coming back to me is art education. In my childhood, I was blessed with access to great libraries that housed books on art history and the myriad of disciplines out there. I taught myself a lot in those early years, but I also had great teachers. These teachers volunteered their time at my school to share their love of art and crafting and creating in general. As I got into middle school and high school, I had amazing teachers for drawing, painting, and pottery. These people were art PROFESSIONALS! This was their LIFE! I loved that it showed so much that they loved being there. By the time I entered my college years, I learned that the arts were in dire need of saving.

Many states in the U.S. have different ways of bringing the arts (visual arts, performing arts, and music) back into our educational system more prominently. Others aren’t faring so well. I often wonder if my experience as an artist, all of my work experience, and my education (even though I don’t have a degree) would lend itself to opening up a business geared toward sharing art and creating with my community. Has anyone ever gone about this in their community? I’m interested in talking to the school district to see if there is an obvious need for this. It would be small, but I know in my heart that having a place that people could come to create art or craft something is important if there is a void.


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