The Wall Is Down

“Tropical Jungle.” Original drawing on paper, 14″x17″ by Marjorie Henderson

I started a new job that is much more creative and less stressful! I now do visual merchandising, and everyone on my team is creative and artistic in some way. I love that my full time day job is so second nature for me. It has started to break down the wall I had hit when trying to paint or draw. The picture above is one I just finished today, and I have started on a backlog of projects I had written down but could not start for the life of me.

Apparently I needed a change to jumpstart the creative juices! The change in season from spring to summer has been amazingly transformative as well. Something about the sunshine just puts everyone in a better mood, and the warmer weather has helped immensely. I don’t feel stuck in a cave anymore!

Is this what it has taken for some of you artists and creatives out there to punch down a wall, that proverbial artist’s block? A fresh start or a new season?



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marjorie blume

Artist, designer, all around creative

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