Do It, Do It, DO IT!


I’m doing it! I’m leaving my full-time job, taking a risk and working on my art and design projects full time! I thought I would be happy at a more creative retail job, and I found that I wasn’t. The steady paycheck will be missed, but being able to make art and design jewelry and textiles on my own terms will be exhilarating and satisfying!

Tweaking my business plan has been hilarious but worthwhile. I started my business plan when I was in high school, making business cards and flyers for friends and family. As my client list grew and my goals changed, so did the plan. I say that it has been hilarious because of how naive some of my writing sounds from that time, over a decade ago! The plan looks a lot more streamlined now, with a defined outlook, accurate monetary goals and a more realistic tone. While it’s great to have that enthusiasm of just starting out and taking on the world, one art commission or graphic design project at a time, it’s also great to have time to live your life and figure out exactly what you want from it.

I’ve grown a lot, and while I still want to take on various business ventures, I want to be able to be an example that as a creator, you don’t have to choose just ONE thing. I don’t have to focus on solely being a painter, or jewelry designer, or textile designer. I can be all 3! Being organized is key, and while that seems obvious, it’s easy to get derailed and immerse yourself in one medium, letting your other potential revenue streams fall by the wayside.

It’s a work in progress, my the picture is getting clearer and I’m so ecstatic that things are finally coming together for my lifelong dream. I’m a full-time artist!


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marjorie blume

Artist, designer, all around creative

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