A New Kind of Mess

Jewelry made by Marjorie Henderson. Available on my Etsy shop! Etsy Shop-https://goo.gl/sDObTw. Enjoy!

This first week of working full time as an artist from home has been wonderful and refreshing. I am constantly figuring out new ways to stay organized and focused. I created a daily log that assigns chunks of time to certain tasks based on an overarching goal or focus for the week. This week I have been working on making new jewelry, listing the items on Etsy and promoting them on social media. While it’s tempting to work on a little bit of everything in one day, I am much more productive when I have a goal in mind that I can break down into tasks.

Social media distraction is a big on for me. On my laptop I have a Google Chrome window open with several tabs available-for email, my Etsy shops, Instagram, Pinterest for pinning inspiration and my website to check stats every now and then. I had to create a rule not to check Facebook (unless sharing my work) or my non-business email unless I’m on my lunch or done for the day and I’m relaxing after dinner. I also don’t allow myself to surf the web or check news sites while working. While this was an easier task when I had a full time job to report to, it has proven to be a time sucker for me and I had to create boundaries. I get distracted enough just being an artist, thinking of various projects and ideas to act on, I don’t need any extra derailments!

Distractions aside, I have been productive in creating more jewelry.  Check out my Etsy Shop-https://goo.gl/sDObTw.

Is being connected constantly a struggle for you, whether or not you are an artist or designer? This is why this week has been so refreshing-the fact that I’m a little less connected throughout the day to my phone and the internet.



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