On to the Next

The Bend Fall Festival was amazing, one of the best shows I have been to so far! The patrons were very friendly and the turnout was awesome. I received so much good feedback and met some great and talented people.

My booth at the Bend Fall Festival, 2016.

On the first day, I had my booth situated to where I stood outside of it, allowing customers to come through and view both tables. This set up did not garner much foot traffic. The next day, with the help of my husband, we rearranged the tables to where one was in front and one was in back, rather than two tables on either side that created a walkway. This was SO much more conducive to foot traffic and letting people stop by and check things out. I’m sure it was less intimidating for us to be situated towards the back of the booth rather than in the front of the booth greeting everyone immediately. Lesson learned!

I have another event I am participating in, this time for the holidays. It is the Portland Holiday Food and Gift Festival at the Oregon Convention Center! I’m really stoked about this event as well. It is a 3 day event, with other makers and artisans and food vendors, and it is a super fun holiday gathering for Christmas shoppers to get into the spirit of the season! My booth will be a bit different this time around. For one, I will not need a canopy since the event is indoors. Also, I will be able to sell my jewelry there, so I will have a different merchandising mind set when setting up my booth.

On to the next as they say! Hopefully I can continue this pace next year as well and get into more shows and events. It’s a blast and I thoroughly enjoy planning out and executing my booth. Good luck to all of you small business owners out there this holiday season!



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