Sketchbook Entry
Leaves by Marjorie Henderson

It’s crazy that it is already almost the end of March! I have been busy working during the day and working on my art when I am at home. I have had a few extra days off and while I would love more hours, I’m loving the time off at home to work on my art business!

After reading a few articles regarding the death of brick and mortar stores, I am still not convinced that physical shops will go away completely. Even millennials that have been accustomed to online shopping earlier than their Generation X counterparts still enjoy that personal connection of going into a store, choosing something, holding something, and purchasing it from a human being. I have only garnered this from my daily interactions at my retail day job, and have no “official” studies to go off of other than my own observations. I thoroughly enjoy that personal connection to a favorite boutique or gallery. Art in particular is such a personal choice, and I truly believe that independent business owners that have that dream of having a brick and mortar will succeed if they are able to stand out as a unique and inviting business, using the ways of social media to their benefit.

That being said, retail spaces still need to be affordable. I have been on the hunt for a small retail space and it has been difficult to come by in a price range that I would feel confident affording every month, especially when I am just starting out. The search continues! Even if I cannot afford a space on a permanent basis, I’d love to have a small, weekend space or booth somewhere. It would be a great way to meet new customers and show my art in various areas other than online.

I rediscovered a perfectly sized sketchbook when I was cleaning up this week and started drawing again. This spring has been slow to start but with the new season my brain has been refreshed and the ideas are flowing again. Maybe I’ll get into a retail space this year, maybe I won’t. Either way, I’ll be plugging away at putting ideas to paper and canvas.



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