Girl With a Crown

Having an idea jet off in a completely different direction than when you started is slightly frightening but mostly exciting! This is precisely what happened when I began to revamp my second Etsy shop. I had planned on separating some of my drawings, turn them into some sweet designs (Patterns? A logo? Who knows?) and maybe print them on cards or notepads. I had stationery in mind, and home goods for the far away future. I ended up making a u-turn–I started a new e-commerce website from scratch and created an entire brand around a set of designs! 

The new website is Girl With a Crown. My first collection is entitled Girls, and is, very simply, a sweet little collection featuring my drawings of girls with various personalities. This collection has zipper pouches, a tote, various mugs and T-shirt’s in many color ways! I’m just beyond excited to launch this and have it grow in a very organic way. I can’t believe I got this far working on my days off from my full time job and after work, and it’s thrilling to do right before the holidays. 

Thank you to all of my friends, family, and loyal followers and supporters. Your support means the world to me and without your encouragement throughout the years, I know I couldn’t have come this far without it. 

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marjorie blume

Artist, designer, all around creative

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