Fresh Prints

I’ve been working on inking up some of my linocut carvings over the past few weeks, so here they are! I’ve always loved the traditional pear/teardrop shape and felt the need to riff off of that a little bit more.


I’m a Creative


Flower Trails
“Flower Trails”-20″x20″ acrylic painting on canvas by Marjorie Henderson. $300

I feel like the traditional title of Artist COULD be all encompassing, but it isn’t. When I tell others that I am an artist, I am asked what medium I work in. I work in many mediums, I cannot choose just one! So when I state, “Well, I mainly work with acrylics on canvas, but I also am a print maker, drawer, hand letterer, jewelry maker, and sometimes photographer,” I am occasionally told that I need to choose one. Being an artist does not mean limiting my talents or creative flow. The title of Creative seems to be more encompassing, and can include “designs” that others may find to be more under the umbrella of “art.” Do any of my fellow artists/designers and other multi-hyphenates struggle with this?

Enjoying all of your favorite mediums and crafts contributes to the entire creation process, no matter what it is. Photography can inspire various ways of seeing compositions and lighting. Jewelry making can spark fresh color combinations in ways that are less permanent than experimenting in other mediums like painting and drawings. Painting can also inspire more abstract thinking in the construction of jewelry, as well as crossover ideas for drawings, printmaking and pattern design. The list goes on. This is not to say that those who work in a singular medium experience stagnancy in their creative flow and output, nor does it say that having a hand in many aspects of art creates a lack of progress and mastery in a particular field. I am only attempting to explain what I experience as a multi-passionate creative.

To all of my fellow creatives out there-keep doing what you love!




New Products!

Continuing my journey in pattern design, I’ve been applying my patterns and drawings to various products to see how they work. I’ve found that the Printed Village platform has been great in challenging my designs and an excellent tool in being able to place designs on products in an easy to use program to see how the item looks with various patterns in differing scales. I’ve started with backpacks and lunch boxes for back to school, one of my favorite times of the year (I’m special, I know, ha!) and while it’s a small start, it’s definitely a start! I’m so excited to share this with everyone.

Please check out my Girls Lunch BoxGirls Backpack and Scribble Dots Backpack. More coming soon! Let me know if there is something else you may be searching for or interested in seeing, such as scarves, pencil pouches or leggings with my art or designs.



Coloring Book is Here!

My coloring book, “Flowers & Sunshine” is available for pre-order! Go to to order now! Ships next week! 

The book is 40 pages of drawings done by me this year. It’s printed right here in Portland! I hope to get it into some bookstores soon, for now it is available through my Etsy shop through the link I posted. 


Do It, Do It, DO IT!


I’m doing it! I’m leaving my full-time job, taking a risk and working on my art and design projects full time! I thought I would be happy at a more creative retail job, and I found that I wasn’t. The steady paycheck will be missed, but being able to make art and design jewelry and textiles on my own terms will be exhilarating and satisfying!

Tweaking my business plan has been hilarious but worthwhile. I started my business plan when I was in high school, making business cards and flyers for friends and family. As my client list grew and my goals changed, so did the plan. I say that it has been hilarious because of how naive some of my writing sounds from that time, over a decade ago! The plan looks a lot more streamlined now, with a defined outlook, accurate monetary goals and a more realistic tone. While it’s great to have that enthusiasm of just starting out and taking on the world, one art commission or graphic design project at a time, it’s also great to have time to live your life and figure out exactly what you want from it.

I’ve grown a lot, and while I still want to take on various business ventures, I want to be able to be an example that as a creator, you don’t have to choose just ONE thing. I don’t have to focus on solely being a painter, or jewelry designer, or textile designer. I can be all 3! Being organized is key, and while that seems obvious, it’s easy to get derailed and immerse yourself in one medium, letting your other potential revenue streams fall by the wayside.

It’s a work in progress, my the picture is getting clearer and I’m so ecstatic that things are finally coming together for my lifelong dream. I’m a full-time artist!


Expanding Horizons!

So I have some great news-I was accepted to sell my wares on Amazon Handmade! This is pretty exciting, just being affiliated with is awesome, and having access to a larger customer base is so amazing! I’m really, really stoked to share this with everyone and to spread bright art around the world.

Check it out here-Amazon Handmade-Marjorie Henderson.

I’ve started out with my fine art prints of my acrylic paintings, hopefully before the season is over I’ll be able to include more paintings, drawings, and posters of my work. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement, and for sharing art!


P.S. Look below!

Marjorie Henderson Art & Designs

Painter and Designer of Much in Oregon

I grew up in Alaska so I am always inspired by the bold colors of the landscape and the grandeur of of the wildlife and mountains. I’m a kid at heart and am inspired by illustrated children’s books!
– Marjorie


Fresh Jewelry

Turquoise and orange glass beaded necklace by Marjorie Henderson
Turquoise and orange glass beaded necklace by Marjorie Henderson
Simple bronze and glass beaded necklace by Marjorie Henderson.
Simple bronze and glass beaded necklace by Marjorie Henderson.
White and navy acrylic and ceramic beaded necklace by Marjorie Henderson.
White and navy acrylic and ceramic beaded necklace by Marjorie Henderson.
Dainty Faceted Glass Necklace by Marjorie Henderson
Dainty Faceted Glass Necklace by Marjorie Henderson
Resin and Glass Beaded Necklace by Marjorie Henderson
Resin and Glass Beaded Necklace by Marjorie Henderson
Agate Necklace by Marjorie Henderson
Agate Necklace by Marjorie Henderson

Check out more jewelry at my jewelry page on Etsy. Get ready for some holiday shopping! All jewelry ships free in the United States!