Do It, Do It, DO IT!


I’m doing it! I’m leaving my full-time job, taking a risk and working on my art and design projects full time! I thought I would be happy at a more creative retail job, and I found that I wasn’t. The steady paycheck will be missed, but being able to make art and design jewelry and textiles on my own terms will be exhilarating and satisfying!

Tweaking my business plan has been hilarious but worthwhile. I started my business plan when I was in high school, making business cards and flyers for friends and family. As my client list grew and my goals changed, so did the plan. I say that it has been hilarious because of how naive some of my writing sounds from that time, over a decade ago! The plan looks a lot more streamlined now, with a defined outlook, accurate monetary goals and a more realistic tone. While it’s great to have that enthusiasm of just starting out and taking on the world, one art commission or graphic design project at a time, it’s also great to have time to live your life and figure out exactly what you want from it.

I’ve grown a lot, and while I still want to take on various business ventures, I want to be able to be an example that as a creator, you don’t have to choose just ONE thing. I don’t have to focus on solely being a painter, or jewelry designer, or textile designer. I can be all 3! Being organized is key, and while that seems obvious, it’s easy to get derailed and immerse yourself in one medium, letting your other potential revenue streams fall by the wayside.

It’s a work in progress, my the picture is getting clearer and I’m so ecstatic that things are finally coming together for my lifelong dream. I’m a full-time artist!


The Wall Is Down

“Tropical Jungle.” Original drawing on paper, 14″x17″ by Marjorie Henderson

I started a new job that is much more creative and less stressful! I now do visual merchandising, and everyone on my team is creative and artistic in some way. I love that my full time day job is so second nature for me. It has started to break down the wall I had hit when trying to paint or draw. The picture above is one I just finished today, and I have started on a backlog of projects I had written down but could not start for the life of me.

Apparently I needed a change to jumpstart the creative juices! The change in season from spring to summer has been amazingly transformative as well. Something about the sunshine just puts everyone in a better mood, and the warmer weather has helped immensely. I don’t feel stuck in a cave anymore!

Is this what it has taken for some of you artists and creatives out there to punch down a wall, that proverbial artist’s block? A fresh start or a new season?



Mini Vacation Update

Photo by Marjorie Henderson
Manzanita Beach, OR

As an artist, or any other entrepreneurial business for that matter, updating and refreshing social media accounts is time consuming. Curating my accounts is something that I have gotten better at with time and practice. Along with this, I came to the conclusion that I had to create a separate Instagram account dedicated to my art. I still share my art and creations on my personal Instagram page, but it’s a more clean, deliberate aesthetic on my dedicated account.

That being said, check out my dedicated Instagram account for my art,

I hope to create a page that really shows my aesthetic and how my brain works through those perfectly square snapshots.

I have been able to take a week off from work, and it has been so productive! I’ve updated social media accounts, I’m posting to this blog, I’ve cleaned up my art room, and I’ve already sketched out some great ideas that have been percolating for a while. A trip to the beautiful Oregon Coast helped immensely as well! My husband and I got lucky and had a day of sunshine on Saturday, so walking by the ocean was warm and invigorating. We visited all the little galleries we hadn’t yet been to in Astoria, Cannon Beach and Manzanita, and it was all so inspiring. It was a much needed trip.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you as my works in progress take shape! More paintings and maybe a coloring book are in the future:)


Ideas and Education

My work schedule at my day job has been a little off, and it’s been affecting my art. I have fleeting moments of inspiration that seem to be gone as fast as they come to me. I’ve been using my drawing app and note taking app more than ever to help me remember these ideas, but now I just need to carve out time to sketch while the ideas are fresh!

Another thing that keeps coming back to me is art education. In my childhood, I was blessed with access to great libraries that housed books on art history and the myriad of disciplines out there. I taught myself a lot in those early years, but I also had great teachers. These teachers volunteered their time at my school to share their love of art and crafting and creating in general. As I got into middle school and high school, I had amazing teachers for drawing, painting, and pottery. These people were art PROFESSIONALS! This was their LIFE! I loved that it showed so much that they loved being there. By the time I entered my college years, I learned that the arts were in dire need of saving.

Many states in the U.S. have different ways of bringing the arts (visual arts, performing arts, and music) back into our educational system more prominently. Others aren’t faring so well. I often wonder if my experience as an artist, all of my work experience, and my education (even though I don’t have a degree) would lend itself to opening up a business geared toward sharing art and creating with my community. Has anyone ever gone about this in their community? I’m interested in talking to the school district to see if there is an obvious need for this. It would be small, but I know in my heart that having a place that people could come to create art or craft something is important if there is a void.


Prints Available on Etsy, RAW Portland Recap

Citrus Sunrise-Acrylic painting on canvas, 30
Citrus Sunrise-Acrylic painting on canvas, 30″x40″, by Marjorie Henderson.

Prints are now available on my Etsy shop! I have prints available for a handful of paintings and drawings. More to come soon! I had great feedback and sales from the RAWartists event last Thursday. It was packed at Holocene, and I met a lot of wonderful new artists. The variety was a breath of fresh air, and it was so great to talk about art with fellow artists and art lovers.

The way RAWartists showcase works is that the artists are handpicked for this event. Ticket sales pretty much pay for the artists’ space at the venue, which keeps the costs as low as possible for the artist. The fact that the event is local definitely works to the advantage of the artist since it’s pretty easy to tell friends, family, and coworkers about the event and reach the ticket sales quota. It also sets the stage for more potential exposure in another city. Once the tickets are paid, the artist can go to one other RAWartist event in another city.

I am really thinking about going to New York, specifically Manhattan, for an event. It would be a great adventure and a wonderful opportunity to get my art out there.

Well, this summer will be a busy one for me! My husband and I recently bought a house and we will be moving in this week! This is incredibly exciting, and I cannot wait to set up my art room! I set up my art at a gallery which will show my paintings and leather jewelry beginning June 1st, and I have a showing at a salon in July. And who knows, maybe I’ll head to NYC by fall! I’m so thankful that my work schedule has allowed me to spend more time on my art and getting it out there.


Updated Designs Section

Original Textile Pattern by Marjorie Henderson
Original Textile Pattern by Marjorie Henderson

I have finally taken the time to update my textile design portfolio with a current sampling of what I have been up to! Most of these designs can be found here- Please feel free to contact me in regards to prints, I can also produce high quality prints on paper of these designs that you can frame. This is an exciting time, since being invited to show my work I have been busier than ever! More to come! Just go under the Portfolio section click on Designs to view the updated designs. -Marjorie