A New Kind of Mess

Jewelry made by Marjorie Henderson. Available on my Etsy shop! Etsy Shop-https://goo.gl/sDObTw. Enjoy!

This first week of working full time as an artist from home has been wonderful and refreshing. I am constantly figuring out new ways to stay organized and focused. I created a daily log that assigns chunks of time to certain tasks based on an overarching goal or focus for the week. This week I have been working on making new jewelry, listing the items on Etsy and promoting them on social media. While it’s tempting to work on a little bit of everything in one day, I am much more productive when I have a goal in mind that I can break down into tasks.

Social media distraction is a big on for me. On my laptop I have a Google Chrome window open with several tabs available-for email, my Etsy shops, Instagram, Pinterest for pinning inspiration and my website to check stats every now and then. I had to create a rule not to check Facebook (unless sharing my work) or my non-business email unless I’m on my lunch or done for the day and I’m relaxing after dinner. I also don’t allow myself to surf the web or check news sites while working. While this was an easier task when I had a full time job to report to, it has proven to be a time sucker for me and I had to create boundaries. I get distracted enough just being an artist, thinking of various projects and ideas to act on, I don’t need any extra derailments!

Distractions aside, I have been productive in creating more jewelry.  Check out my Etsy Shop-https://goo.gl/sDObTw.

Is being connected constantly a struggle for you, whether or not you are an artist or designer? This is why this week has been so refreshing-the fact that I’m a little less connected throughout the day to my phone and the internet.



Earthy Necklace Collection

My creative flow has been on point the past few weeks. I’ve been able to capture fleeting ideas and striking moments of inspiration before they are gone, and my hands have been busy! I’ve been on the search for simple but striking longer necklaces, and I haven’t really found anything that grabbed me. Playing with lightweight wooden beads and larger gemstone pieces has been satisfying and successful. Once I get in that rhythm it’s hard to stop. I’m very excited for what is in store! My Etsy shop will be updated with newer pieces as well.


So August Came and Went…

Brainstorming with beads
Brainstorming with beads

August was a whirlwind to say the least!

I started a new job which is way more creative than my previous position. This will hopefully set a precedent for more productive afternoons since I am off at noon everyday! Hopefully my schedule stays that way.

Prints have continued to sell at Artistic Portland, which is super exciting! My “Jurassic” print seems to be quite popular, along with my “Violet Trio” trees print. I am still working on getting a leather jewelry collection going for the gallery before the holidays. It’s interesting and exciting to see how sales have ramped up for the gallery since their move from north Portland to being in downtown Portland. The gallery brings more art and handmade goods to SW Taylor, and the atmosphere is inviting.

Does anyone else have issues being in a creative rut? I seem to be getting into them more and more. I have found that switching up the craft helps, so if I am trying to paint and nothing is working I resort to jewelry, which has been inspiring in the pattern making realm in regards to color harmony. However, I then abandon the painting for a while before returning to it with fresh eyes. I am hoping my new schedule helps me focus.

In the meantime, here are some necklace pieces I have put together when I was attempting pattern designs for fabric!

Fresh necklace pieces by Marjorie Henderson.
Fresh necklace pieces by Marjorie Henderson.

I have been working a bit with vintage lucite beads, which are present in the bottom left piece, as well as resin, present in the top left piece with a glass bead. I love mixing different materials that I don’t always find in your typical jewelry, such as glass and stone. I love them all, but I have really enjoyed the quality and weight of vintage lucite, along with the funky shapes that I have found.

I’ll be working on creating a cohesive collection of textile prints inspired by some of these shapes that I have found, more to come on the textile front!