Marjorie Blume is an artist & designer living in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She grew up in the beautiful state of Alaska and it inspires her to no end. Marjorie creates paintings and illustrations based on her whimsical and sometimes abstract style. She enjoys many creative disciplines, including painting, illustration, printmaking, textile design and making jewelry. Much of her inspiration is drawn simply from wanting to make the world more vibrant and happy, and to express things that can only be felt by the viewer. She wants art to remain accessible to everyone, and it is part of her mission to contribute to the arts community in any way that she can. She is open to commissioned work and collaborations.

Marjorie opened Ridgeway Studios & Gallery in June 2023. The gallery currently features her original paintings, drawings, and jewelry, and will add artists as space allows. The gallery plans to start featuring artists for First Thursdays on a regular basis as well. Visit Ridgeway Studios & Gallery to learn more.


Why do you use Marjorie Blume and Marjorie Ridgeway?

Blume is Marjorie's maiden name and she uses it artistically. Ridgeway is her married name!

How long did you live in Alaska?

27 years! Born and raised. 

Why do you work with more than one type of art?

Everything Marjorie creates, no matter what form it is in, informs the other art forms. Vibrant paintings, born out of intensely remembered dreams and emotions, inspire the bold jewelry styles she creates, which informs the textile designs she creates, which inspires her whimsical drawings, and so on. She doesn't believe in "Jane of all trades, master of none." While that may pertain to some trades and crafts, the goal is to be in the "zone," or in "flow" and to trust where that leads you creatively. Marjorie might paint for months or years on end without drawing, then leans into drawing again. Discoveries are made, styles become even more developed, and the process continues.

What is your favorite medium?

Mixed media acrylic painting.

What do you advocate for with your art and being a business owner?

Art is for everyone! Making art accessible and approachable is so important in my practice and how I do business.